Our Geotechnical division is set up to provide quality services to all clients in the region. ALC is equipped with all the latest Geotechnical investigation equipments and has highly qualified experienced Geotechnical engineers, geologists and drillers.

Geotechnical investigations are performed to guide the consultants and the designers in designing the suitable type of foundations or to provide general information regarding the subsurface conditions. Subsurface exploration usually involves drilling of boreholes to the required depth and collecting samples for further laboratory tests.

Our mission is to provide reliable, timely, accurate, cost effective, modern equipments with qualified staff and quality services that meet customer expectation.

Vast experience developing subsurface investigations and Geotechnical laboratory testing programs tailored to meet our customer’s requirements. Our professional team of Geotechnical engineers and geologists has diversified experience in monitoring investigations as well as classifying the materials. Site specific laboratory testing based on the end use of the data are designed to determine soil and rock parameters required for Geotechnical analysis and design.

The inhomogeneous nature of earth, inconsistency and composition of the land requires the use of suitable drilling technique and machine. Extensive experience in the field of Geotechnical Investigations ensures to provide the right kind of the machine for the right applications.