The Environmental Department provides services to projects involving WATER / WASTE WATER, DRINKING WATER, SWIMMING POOL WATER, GROUND WATER, SOLID WASTES, SEDIMENTS, SLUDGE and so on.

ALC covers complete Chemical and Microbiological scopes as per local and international requirements for the disposal of wastes as well as for other industrial applications. Our services for the environmental analysis covers COMPLETE FIELD SAMPLING in accordance with the Government requirements and international methods, up to testing at the laboratory and furnishing the test reports.

Our Scope of Analysis For Environment

Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water, Effluents, Construction Waste Water, Domestic Sewage, Sea Water, Hazardous Wastes, Fertilizers, Soil Sediment & Sludge, Ambient Air Samples, Ambient Air Samples, Noise Monitoring

Our fully equipped laboratory enables us to analyze various sample matrices with high efficiency, precision, and accuracy, and allows us to meet the environmental analytical needs of our customers. Our tests comply with internationally recognized methods such as APHA Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. With our sophisticated instruments, experienced Chemists/ Microbiologists and stringent QA/QC procedures, we assure that all the results reported by our laboratory are accurate and precise.